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Seahawks GM Says He'd “Listen” To Matt Flynn Offers
If you have a spare, too-expensive backup quarterback, today's the day to tell the world you may or may not be interested in moving him. Even though the world already knows you would. After 49ers general manager Trent Baalke made sufficiently clear he …
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Menara Networks offers tunable metro DWDM CFP
Meanwhile, the Armada 1000-GM offers 100G transponder and 10G/40G muxponder functions within a tunable CFP-based OTU4 100G uplink. The platform also includes integrated EDFAs and dispersion compensating modules. Menara will target the …
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Detroit Lions GM Martin Mayhew offers support to Titus Young, but door is
AP File Photo Detroit Lions general manager Martin Mayhew will continue to offer support to released wide receiver Titus Young. Titus Young is no longer employed by the Detroit Lions, or any NFL team for that matter, but the man who provided Young his …

General Motors has announced a plan that will offer buyouts to retirees.
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  1. 777Whatsgoingon says:

    Continued…. My fellow Florida retirees who worked for bankrupt? steel companies are drawing meager amounts from the fund versus what they had coming. And Prudential is an investment grade company who took no bail out money from the government. In other words there balance sheet is stronger than the government. Anyway let’s keep buying GM and I’m sure this will work out fine. And a good headline for GM today with J D Powers quality survey. GM captured the 3 top spots in pick ups, the Malibu was

  2. 777Whatsgoingon says:

    Although I agree with you on the unethical behavior of some large corporations in walking away from commitments to employes, I think the situation is not as dire as described. First the PBGC is woefully underfunded by billions of dollars. So there is no guarantee they will be solvent. Secondly, the formula is very complicated and if you receive anything it will probably be reduced….. Especially for anyone retired before the age of 65. My fellow Florida retirees who? worked for bankrupt steel

  3. Dennis Lasanen says:

    What you are actually seeing is a company without much soul, who found out that they got away with so many reductions for this group, that it has become a business? model. This transparent plan is geared to dupe enough of this group of older Americans into falling for this false economy (kind of like a reverse mortgage when housing is at an all time low value), that they can then simply force the rest into taking? a buyout.

  4. Dennis Lasanen says:

    There should be an Option #4 available. Stay with GM for your Pension. This is a no? win situation for the retirees. You must have a background in fiance and project your basic needs 20-30 years in the future. This takes a lot of advanced preplanning. ? Please also search GM Pension Buyout Video for further information. GM Pension Buyout GM stockholders

  5. rodicj says:

    Why is the? media not reporting all this???

  6. richardef says:

    Why does she not mention that if you leave your? retirement with Prudential you
    will no longer be protected by the government PBCG.
    It was very convenient to leave that part out. Do you realize that if you take the prudential offer, your are opening a window for many companies to follow suite. Once companies like Prudential get greedy and buy up all these contracts that they will not be able to support in case of a national down turn; you will then have NOTHING when Prudential goes belly up.

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